Our mission at CrossFit Breakwater is to provide you with the tools and training to live the healthiest life possible. By offering a wide variety of classes, training techniques, mobility options and lifestyle advice, we are able to find what will work best for you and help guide you on your fitness journey.



This is an instructor led course that consists of a warm up, skill session, workout and cool down. This class combines lifting, gymnastics and mono structural movements together to create a total body workout.

50+ Strength and Mobility

This class is offered to those 50 years and older. The focus is to build core strength, increase mobility, balance, stability and agility.

Open Lifting

With this membership, you are allowed access to the facility 7 days a week during any open lifting hours. This is designed for those looking to lift and train at their own pace, and follow their own program or structure.

Teen Weightlifting

This class is open to anyone 14 and older. The main focus of this class is to teach the fundamental lifts (shoulder press, deadlift and squat) along with several accessory lifts. Each class is coach led and consists of a warm up, a specific lifting focus of the day, mobility, and a cool down.

CrossFit Kids

Designed for children ages 7-13. The goal of this class is to teach children that exercise can be fun. While focusing of fundamental body weight movements, we will increase strength, mobility, coordination and overall physical fitness.

Intro to Fundamentals Class

This class is designed to prepare you to join any of our CrossFit classes. We will focus on the 9 Fundamental movements of CrossFit along with a variety of other movements that you will commonly see in classes. This course is offered once, if not twice, a month on Saturday and Sunday from 9:15-10:30am. Along with movements, we will spend time working on mobility and discussing how to tailor workouts to your needs and ability level. Once this weekend course is complete, you can join any of our regular classes.